I deserved so much better

I deserved so much better

I deserved so much better

Seeing that you are too gutless to face me, I will write it down what I really wanted to say to you. I want to hate your guts, but you are just not worth it. You don’t exist to me anymore. You are nothing but a coward, a low life and a user. I loved you and treated you with the upmost respect and affection. How dare you say you love me so much, over and over again, let me get so attached believing you, then break if off over the phone, after saying the day before you didn’t want to lose me!! Then, two weeks later, tell me you miss me and “wonder every day” if you made the right decision!! Then not want to meet up and talk!! You totally fucked with my head and you are a fucking coward!!

You let me go to SO MUCH trouble for your birthday ONLY THREE WEEKS before you broke up with me. You told me you loved me over and over and over and over. You pretended to be “so grateful” that I was in your life on that night of your birthday. You lapped it all up, the gifts and the attention, using me and leading me to believe I was special to you. You would text me three times a day just to say that you love me, then all of a sudden left out of the blue, claiming that “we want different things”. You dumped on to me all of your issues that you had concealed and hidden from me the day before breaking up, then ran like the coward that you are. You threw your so-called “love” for me in the bin like a used tampon. How dare you even tried to argue the toss with me when you were so much in the wrong with what you did!!! What hurt the most was the sad realisation that I wasn’t loved by you at all.

No one made you come stay the night 4 or 5 times a week with me. No one made you come and spend time with me and my three-year old daughter. No one made you tag along in my outings with my daughter. How dare you willingly come into my daughter’s life, then just exit suddenly!!! Adults can deal with that, but a child’s heart is a different story altogether. You’re going to get what you deserve for what you did to me and my little girl, who was so heartbroken when you just walked out of her life too. In time, Karma is a bitch and it will bite HARD!! You have destroyed my trust in women. I have no respect for you, you don’t deserve to be happy and I deserve so much better than the treatment I got from you.

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  1. Letter To My Ex 8 years ago

    Don’t you love the mixed messages you get from some people?! NOT.

    I have no doubt there are amazing gals out there who would love to get to know you and your little girl, so don’t let this ruin you Brad. Be open to getting back on that horse when you’ve had some time to heal. Hugs.

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