Wish I’d woken up to you sooner

Wish I’d woken up to you sooner

Wish I’d woken up to you sooner

It’s been a few months now. At first I wanted to see you and to have have you there again but now I mostly just want to wipe that smirk from your face, preferrably with a shovel. You had the audacity to come into my home, eat the food off my table, have your way with me then rush home to jump on a relationship site where you tell other women you’re single.

What’s even more disgusting is the way you turn everything around to make it look like my fault, telling your close friends and family what a bad person I was then when I apologise you say the most disrespectful and detrimental things to me. You then give a half assed apology and I stupidly forgive you and let you use me again. I stood in your shadow the whole time, merely there to feed your ego.

I think it’s appalling the way you can post so many photos of you and your new girlfriend on a romantic weekend away not even a month after seeing me and then constantly posting and tweeting about how great your new relationship is. You posted pictures of yourself with a pornstar when we were together but never any of us – DISGUSTING! Oh and also telling me that I should dress in a mini skirt and a g-string to make other guys jealous of you. It is clear that you just wanted to use me until someone better came along.

How about next time you just go pick up a skank from the bar who doesn’t mind being used? I wish I had confronted you face to face about seeing you on that website rather than in an email just to catch you off guard. You are nothing but a coward who has no respect for women. You just want a trophy wife, someone you can parade around in front of all your friends. You are a pig who exploits women.


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