Dear Chief

Dear Chief

Dear Chief


I still love you and despite what people say, time has not changed that. In fact time has proven that what we shared is and was a once in a lifetime love.

It broke my heart when you rang me and told me you that you wished I was the mother of your children… especially when you know due to medical reasons this was going to be a challenge and probably impossible.

I think you are the best dad there is in the world, and the love you have for your kids melts my heart.

I couldn’t stop crying when you sent me their photos.

I know how much having children meant to you so in some way I think I pushed you away without even knowing back then. I think I felt I wasn’t good enough for you because I couldn’t give you children… and that was silly, because I know we both deserved each other and would find a way. June was perfect and not too soon. Oh man… I wish I could turn back time…

So stop my heartbreaking all these years and rescue me once again but this time forever, or I would still wish you well but never contact me again!

Sometimes the best love story doesn’t always end together!

You will always be my hero x


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