John is another name for Satan

John is another name for Satan

John is another name for Satan

Dear Satan’s Rep in North Carolina,

It is hard to believe that I spent over 20 years of my life at your beck and call. It makes my heart ache in new places to think what this did to my innocent son. He was only 7 when he first met you and he believed you were a real father figure to him. You broke his heart and you broke my heart. You went out of your way to remind us both every single day how little we mattered to you and your family.

The worst part of our relationship, however, was believing in ‘us’ and then finding out you were a world class serial cheater. Wow. One of the last things you said to me was, “We both know I will just keep cheating on you.” How I wish you had had the courage to say that to me when you did not have the safety of Theresa the Evil Hag. How different my life might have been if you had said that to me when I first found out about T-Hag, two weeks after we married. Or when you told me about Kim – and how the Creator had blessed your special union and that you wanted me to bless it too. How she could give you more babies, and me, having survived deadly cancer and all, could not. Of course you knew this, didn’t you? You only wanted more babies to further justify a pointless affair. Of course there were others — probably some I did not know about as well.

You did me a favor by deciding to not pursue counseling with me. Now you are Theresa’s problem. I suspect she is paying loads of money to keep you ‘happy.’ Of course, we both know your happiness is really just a bottomless pit of anxiety, narcissism and bad faith. No one will ever make you happy – I saw that on your pictures. Whatever goodness was in you is long gone.

I think what I despair of now are the lost years — the years I could have spent enjoying my son instead of listening to your endless criticism of us both – pure dribble and all driven by selfishness and greed. You did not want to invest in him, anymore than in your own children. They were food stamps for you – social service benefits – and so forth. They did not matter as the humans they actually are. It makes me physically ill to think about how my child’s disability monies went for your endless needs – gambling, clothes, whatever addiction you were feeding. I paid all of the bills – and you, manly man that you were, allowed that.

It makes me sick that I have nightmares about you — that I think about you — you actually make me sick. I hope you and T-Hag enjoy your marriage – we both know it will probably be over before 2014. You both went out of your way to hurt others – it was a real choice so good luck with that. I suspect it will not end well for either of you and none of the people you’ve hurt in the process will need to do a thing. The Universe will collect its debt. So, Fuck you, Satan. You are a sick, unhappy, cruel bastard and you will pay for it.


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