None of this feels right

None of this feels right

None of this feels right

Dear L ,

It’s so hard when we just pass each othe rby without acknowledging each other.

It just feels so wrong. How can it come to this after the time we had? We loved each other. I’m damn certain we both miss each other. I’m damn certain we both think too much damage has been done for any reconciliation.

No contact is hard. I should be angry at you but I can’t be. You ended this again and I contributed after.

Christ we loved each other L! We hurt each other terribly. We had great moments during which we were great for each other; we had some not so great moments but we were gifted with the ability to talk. We had potential for that companionship.

I wish we could come together L and talk and feel that love again so we could move on to something with more understanding. Let that spiritual side of ourselves that we both recognised in each other be the thing that guides us to something far more special together.

None of this feels right, this should not have happened.

We should be talking this over. I know we both carry a piece of each other that refuses to leave. Every time we pass each other by that piece of each other that we carry is woken and cannot be ignored.

You and I should be together, against all odds.

We are meant to grow old together. We both spoke of that.

We are wasting and opportunity here to strengthen what we really feel for each other.

This is just not right L.


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  1. Clayton 10 years ago

    I definitely feel like this and I don’t know what to do.

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