Let’s call it a fling

Let’s call it a fling

Let’s call it a fling

Dear You,

We are always like this, arguing about nonsense things. I wish you’d grow and mature like a real man. Be more patient and caring for your next girl. Not every girl will treat you the way you like them to act around you. Sometimes, look in the mirror and ask yourself if you’re really treating your girl right. I am letting you go. Go and find other girls who can cook, can be with you when you want them to, can talk to you on the phone for hours, and can be more patient with you. I don’t think I can handle this anymore. I am the girl. You are the guy.


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  1. Faith 8 years ago

    Dear Brodie,
    Ya know I know u wont ever see this but I just wanna start by saying if u didn’t want to be with me then why the did u waste 3 years of my life? yea yea I know your going to say I did love u n wanted to be with u it just got old.

    What got old cheating an lieing to me? What was it after a while it was to easy because I was blind to it? But I want to thank you for everything. U showed me the definition of the “man” that I don’t want.

    I just want to say I forgive u because if I didn’t I wouldn’t have found the one guy that makes me feel like the only girl in the world an don’t lie when he says he loves me. He doesn’t cheat. He doesn’t stop replying for hours or sometimes days. He’s everything an more to me n I love him with every part or me.

    So I forgive u for leading me on for 3 years an making me feel like shit. I forgive u for cheating all the time.

    But I’m happy now so don’t call the house saying “hey beautiful” when I answer the phone. I know all your doing is trying to lead me on and then go talk shit behind my back. Don’t come back into my life again saying “baby I’m sorry” n ” I love u an only u” No I’m over u I’m done with that. I know my worth n it’s way more than that! Tyler is more man than u ever dreamed of being so. This is my letter to u have fun with your life and I’ll have fun with mine now that your out of it.

    So go ahead an tell all your friends that u just told me to f off n that I was a worthless bitch. But if I am why did u go an lead me on for 3 yeads? Telling me that u wanted to marry me. That u wanted kids with me. That i was your future. N most of that I was everything u ever wanted?

    Have fun Brodie maybe you’ll find that girl that u want I forgive u.

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