I don’t understand. You talked to me yesterday after three weeks of mostly silence. (The only other times were to discuss your mother in the hospital.) So, you texted me out of the blue yesterday morning to see how I was doing. I told you I was not doing well with the break up you said the same that you missing me terribly have even lost weight because you were so depressed. I thought this was our chance to get back together,  you told me you loved me and missed me. You cried, I cried, you wanted to start talking again and you want to see me next week. Your mother was doing better and getting out of the hospital today. You wanted to sit down and talk about our future. The conversation ended as relief for both of us as we missed each other so much and we still really love each other.

So……………why haven’t I heard anything from you since yesterday morning? No texts or phone calls nothing. I texted you, I left you voice mails. Still nothing. I know you even answered the phone and must have hung up as I heard music in the background. So its obvious you have gone back to no contact. Why???? What happened? I just don’t understand!!! What changed from yesterday??? If you changed your mind again why didn’t you tell me. Something! I just don’t understand what you are doing. You missed me so much yesterday. How does someone change their feelings that fast and then won’t even tell you why? I feel disrespected on so many levels. I’m back to being heart broken again. I only hope I can use this event to harden my heart and get over you, this time.


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