You are finally really gone

You are finally really gone

You are finally really gone

Well, now you won’t even talk to me. For months we had on and off contact. But even so, you still returned my texts eventually. So what happened now? What changed all of a sudden? It’s right out rude if nothing else. Have you fell that out of love with me and that much in love with him? Can that be?

Just last week you told me “I’m not giving up on us” “we (you and him) are not as tight as you think” “I don’t spend as much time with him as you think I do” How can you say these things to me??? I mean you are sleeping with this guy probably every night of the week. He has become a surrogate dad to your kids. I know how much in love with him you have to be as you would be seeing me behind his back if you weren’t. Yet you lie to me and then worse, disappear for days and weeks. Then to pop up like you missed me all of a sudden. So why have you gone NC now? is it because you are being a pussy and afraid to tell me something? Like maybe he asked you to marry him? Or something else? I’m not stupid something is up.

Have you really fallen that much out of love with me? Can you honestly say if you were in front of me right now you wouldn’t feel the attraction? The urge to run into my arms? We both know you would. Maybe that is why you don’t want to see me. Because you would feel something strong. Maybe you can’t trust yourself with me. Maybe that should tell you something. Maybe you should face that you still deep down have feelings for me. Because if you didn’t, you would be OK seeing me as you wouldn’t feel anything. But then again why would you say what you said last week? But then again disappear???? As I always said about you “you are like water through my fingers”. Well you slipped though once again.

I hope I can grow to hate you for doing this to me. It would be my only way to heal my broken heart.

I’m tired of you winning, and never being the one to run to me. I was worth it. And you know it. I have known you for years, him only months.

I hope that ends badly for you. It would be the only justice I can imagine.


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