Baby I miss you

Baby I miss you

Baby I miss you

Baby, I miss you so much. I love you more than you’ll ever know. The way our skin went together so well. Being different races didn’t discourage us one bit. The way you’d lay me down and make endless love to me and please me and make me feel like the only girl alive. The way you’d look deep into my eyes with all the love in the world and admire me. The way you’d kiss the tip of my nose and the back of my neck just gave me chills down my spine. When I cuddle up close to you and just fall asleep. Whether on a coach bus, on the couch or in bed.

When tears would fill your eyes if I was ever sick. You didn’t know how to make it better but you’d try to figure it out. You saw me for who I was and not what I was. I was your rock, and you were mine. I was your everything, your world, I was yours. And I still am. The way your family accepted me, and mine accepted you. They still love both of us. Baby I know in time well be back together. That’s a connection that never dies and we will always love each other. Lets give it another shot. We’re inseparable.

Every time we were apart we found each other as friends. Now we’re beyond that; we’re in love. Let’s hold each other and never let go, let’s kiss each other and never stop, let’s make love forever until the world ends babe. You and I. That was one of our favorite things. Being close and intimate. We were so in love baby. I know you asked me to come back before. I wish I didn’t decline. I wanted you to appreciate me more babe. But nevertheless I know it’s fate. Can’t wait to be with you again my love.


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