You mean the world

You mean the world

You mean the world

May da Gud Lord nt stRyk Me dead fOr Wot am Bwt To say as He Let Me Mde a Promise in da Frst Plce dt ‘If I cnt Have hm;i dont wanT aNybOdy eLse’. I Love U Mandla.

Lyk i sed Before U da One Ma HeaRt DeSire ;If NLy i Knew woT ws CuMin Ma waY I WdNt hVe asKd U Bwt Dt.U aLws Been Thr For me ;whn I Needd U Most,U SuPpoRtd Me N am WoH i aM bcOz u Wer Thr,Mde me strOng.

I sTruGGle to gt Ova Thz ;Hre am Once again askin foR aNothr CHnce ;i dnT Knw How To fix Thiz ;id be a FoOl to LetU SlP thRu ma FinGers Jus Like dt.Hpe Ths MsG gt DLverd deep dOwn Ya Heart DaT I Need U Back In Ma Life.

Do I Hve to Prepar MasLf if U FNd soMebdy Mor suItaBLe ,IKnw U suRRoundd by LoveLy galz n aLL dt Buh nO Mtta woH hPpn ,U Belong to Ma HearT.

Th PuzZld Xpression On ma DeLicate Face whN I gt da Fb Notification dt U RMoved Our aNniversaRy CdNt mKe me Less GoRgeous as Ud saY ,’U GoRGeous Lve’ Buh it wenT sTraIght To Ma HearT ,wts Cumin Nxt Our R.statUs? ;Photos?….

Am Begging u Lve ,i reaLLy Need U,I Gt nThn ,am Nt Rich Buh I Lve U wiT ma evYthang.Hving DrMs I cnT XhAre wiT anYOne BuH U.

Please Lve ,I Mde MstakEs ,am Nt PrFct…am wiLLin to leaRn frm Em…am Nt taKin adVantage ,I eiThr Bottle thinx Up N Gt ToNsiLs ,crY ma HeaRt OUt ,BoTTling Thinx Up Mkes me sIck ;u sed i cn ToK To U Bwt anYthn..Buh Then…

Kego Diretje diphoso ,Ke KgOpela goBa le wena gape HLeeeee.Can we pLease Try again Begging U,Kea Go KgOpela.#TearDrPz#…..Kea Go Rata Puleng.
Ima Gt Punshd For Lettin U sLp Like Thz…. I miss U

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  1. Maite 7 years ago

    Jus hope he understands and yaLL fiX thiNx ,I Got a FeeLing U belong togethr Mama Lefa and Papa Buhle.if onLy U Knew how much U mean to her. Karabo Loves U Mandla.Hope to meet U soon.

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