I wish it never happened

I wish it never happened

I wish it never happened

Dear Madison,

The date today Is 7/15/2013. I started to think about you again. The 13th recently passed…It would have been our 6 months together. Forgot about It. I wondered If you remembered. We haven’t talked in what feels like forever. You seem to be doing better without me, I on the other hand am doing okay. I’ve moved on and I no longer have feelings for you but I still think about you a lot. It’s too late to tell you how much I’m sorry for everything…Everything I did, Everything I said. Just everything.

You’ll probably never forgive me, I don’t forgive myself. That break up was tough for the both of us including me and I miss everything about you. Thank you for the times that we’ve spent together. I have always enjoyed spending time with you. I can’t do this anymore. I have tried so hard to not allow my feeling to get involved, but after all of the boundaries we both broke in, I find myself caring a little too much when you aren’t there. There are more girls out their, but I’ll always think about you because we were so close.I don’t know if We’ll never be good friends again..I just don’t think It’ll ever be the same. I’m sorry Madi. We were so close that we just drifted apart. I hope you’ll text me sometime, and tell me what you have been up to. I don’t love you anymore or want to get back together, but I still miss you and I will always care about you even If you don’t think about me anymore.



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