Goodbye and fuck you very much

Goodbye and fuck you very much

Goodbye and fuck you very much

i am glad that you are out of my life and i hope we are never friends. please never talk to me again because all you cause me is pain. i should never have answered your phone call on friday night. dont ever try to call me or contact me again. if you do i wont answer anyway. you rang me because youre a selfish bitch and didnt stop to think how it might hurt me. fuck you. i dont care what i said or what ever happened after that because you manipulated me.

obviously you have a lot of ammunition against me and you used it. all the photos and memories you felt like sharing.. all because of some idea you were in love with. and you said you loved me. HA. just leave me alone. i dont give a fuck about you anymore. youre a headfuck. a spaz. a manipulator. a game player. and a selfish cunt. you always have to have the last word/ upper hand. youre last message is a perfect example of this. i dont even think you realise half this shit. and you probably never will truly get it. because thats how you are. im done being nice to you. good bye and fuck you very much.


  1. Snowball 9 years ago

    Yeah Man! Loved how you expressed yourself here. Whenever I get mad about my ex, I read this and I feel better.

  2. Happy 8 years ago far the best

  3. Melissa M 8 years ago

  4. amatullah 7 years ago

    You guy made me feel alive from Wat my ex did to me

  5. lilisosetica 4 years ago

    My sentiments exactly! Love it!

  6. Karmas 4 years ago

    Facts bro keep up the good work 🤣

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