Why Christopher? Why me? I wouuld constantly tell you at the beginning of us starting to talk I wanted something serious I was tired of childish games. You promised me you were serious. I always told you please don’t hurt me. Just let me go if you were going to play games. You assured me you weren’t. But you did Chris. You knew how I felt. I feel head over heals for you  For what ? So you can enjoy watching me hurt 🙁 ?


What did you get out of it ? Some kind of sick pleasure of hurting me 🙁 ? I honestly believe everything you told me. But for what? It was all a lie theres plenty of girls to pick from but you choose me? Why? I mean Nancy still wanted you. You still want Marina. Apparently. Always making a dumb lie. I left everything for you that one night. I loved you ! I probably still do. But I’m more in love with the memory not you. Being in your yard that one night, everything just went away I forgot where I was I just wanted to stay there . With you. But you just threw me away as if I was worthless. You just let me go for some other girl. I let you talk to my brother. My brother !!! He still sometimes askes about you. It’s amazing . He has trouble remembering things but you he be like that guy I use to talk to sometimes your friend. Your the only one that ever talked to him.

So my question is why me 🙁 ? Why did you take the time to lead me on? why did you tell me you love me? why did you tell me all those lies? did you just want to see how far you can get? why would you just let me fall for you? when you knew your were just playing with my emotions? why? why why !?!? does it make you feel better about yourself ? or something cause its fucked up . most importantly why me? after you knew how scared i was to get hurt. after knowing how much ive lost.. i want an answer to all those question. and that it i’ll leave you alone. i just need an explantion..


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