A broken man

A broken man

A broken man

I was a happy man before you came into my life. When I met you at the bar that night, I never realised what I was in for. We dated and the more I saw you and got to know you, the more my defensive wall came down. In time I fell in love with you. We created some awesome memories, at times we’d be like teenagers again, other times we’d be so intimate I honestly thought that life couldn’t be better. When I broke my leg, you were there for me, never left me. I got on well with your friends and my friends loved you. This was the first time in my life I thought I’d found the one. But then you left.

A phone call that broke my heart, left me feeling empty inside. No matter how hard I try to keep myself busy, you are always on my mind. I wonder what it was I did wrong, we never argued, there was never any conflict. I’d do anything to forget about everything so I can continue being a happy man. To forget your wonderful smile and big green eyes. to forget our intellectual conversations, our ‘childish’ and random moments… our intimate nights. I’d give everything I own to feel relieved of this pain. I miss you so much S.


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