October it would have been thirty years. You have blamed me for our problems and gone out of your way to hurt and degrade me. Instead of working things out you ran like a coward to drugs and alcohol blaming the kids or me or even my family. I couldn’t take it. I became angry,resentful and depressed. Did you notice no you got involved with harder drugs and a woman who used you for your money to buy drugs. Once your money was gone she found another man to support her like the whore she is.

It’s been almost five years since you told the kids you never wanted them and you wouldn’t be back. Where are you now? Your living with the son you blamed for your addiction. You don’t work and you have been arrested twice for pocession . I realize now that your ill. You can not accept or tolerate people who do not kiss your ass or people who have imperfections. anxiety/depression is a treatable illness and I am healthy. What you suffer from mentally I don’t think you will ever recover and someday you will be totally alone. That as a woman who loved you breaks my heart. You will hurt our children again with your behavior and then they will walk away like you did in 2008.


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