Come back to me

Come back to me

Come back to me

It’s been 3 years since the “bullshit”. You give me so many emotions. Some I like and some I don’t like. I’m not sure as to what we had. It wasn’t a relationship and we never slept together. You just thought it would be fun to toy with my emotions. For a whole year we played around and in the end nothing was found. All I know is that you made me fall in love with you. My friends believe it to be lust but in my heart I knew it was love.

And I could have loved you forever. I don’t think you felt the same, ever. But I believed in you and I wanted you. I never told you I wanted you. What was the point you were leaving me to go back home. You broke my heart. It stayed broken for two years. Two years I didn’t let any man into my life. And I slowly started to realize I was being stupid. Because you moved on, you never contacted me. I hated you for those two years. You were always know as the guy that broke my heart and why I couldn’t emotionally connect with a man.

Well I got over that hurdle and I started to let my emotions about you go. It worked. You are now in a happy relationship and I miss you. I’ve missed you for two and a half years. Ill still be missing you. You were the one that got away, the what if. So if we are ment to be together and we find each other in the future just know that I would take that chance with you. So I wish you well and I wish you back. But whatever the universe chooses for us I have no hate for you. Just love.

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  1. S 11 months ago

    B.S. 3rd time now same time of the year. Gl

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