I’m actually not sorry.

I’m actually not sorry.

I’m actually not sorry.

Dear Charlie,

When I first met you I had no idea you were going to be an asshole. You appeared to be nice, polite, smart, attractive… and to this day I don’t know if you hid your true colours from me or if I just was too stupid to notice them.

I’m not sorry I left you, but I’m sorry that it took me so long to let things go. I’ve never met anyone so selfish like you. I’m sorry that I lost my dignity by staying for months with you when you clearly didn’t love me. I’m sorry for that too; you couldn’t love me because you were too selfish to have the capacity of actually loving someone who isn’t yourself. We could have had it all, but we didn’t because you wouldn’t let things work. I’m sorry that I tried to make our relationship function.

 I can’t believe you said that you loved me but that you were not in love with me until things weren’t right. You waited for me to collapse to tell me. You could’ve had told me seven months before so I wouldn’t live for that time with that lie.

I hate you. I hope you stay alone because you push people away. You pushed your friends away, you push your family away, you pushed me away, the only person that stayed with you no matter what you did to her. But that’s over, I will no longer hold on to you or your bullshit. You clearly don’t know how to treat a girl, or any human being for I all know. So I repeat: I hope you stay alone so you can learn the value people have.

You were the worst that could’ve happened to me.

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  1. Never... 6 years ago

    Never wish that upon another person no matter what they did even if they hurt you so badly as it most definitely sounded. I am so sorry as no one deserves to go through that. I have been though things that would astound many:/

    What I have learnt is to always remember we are ALIVE & as life stops for no one, we are the only one’s who can make our own lives happier. I bet you like I did learnt so many “red flags” & to never ever again ignore your own intuition…As you stated you stayed longer than you should have? I made that mistake & allowed my own heart to be broken so badly for everyone I knew & including myself said “They will hurt you-leave before you give them your heart”…Love is blind & I still made the mistake as you did in believing it would get better…Never again do I wish to see them again yet I wish them the best for it is them who lost me(or you in your case) & they have helped us one step closer to finding our “true Love” who is around the corner walking towards us………

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