The response you will never receive

The response you will never receive

The response you will never receive

“Lack of trust” doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel





These are words I would use to describe your actions toward me and in turn – how I feel.

 You think you have changed. Really? Into what exactly?

When you say “a real man” what does that mean to you?

And what did you realise? How were you “wrong”? Tell me…

For me A REAL MAN is…

– DEPENDABLE: a man you can rely on through the good times & the bad.

– SECURE IN HIMSELF: a man that is sure of what he wants & does not get confused by other people’s opinions.

– LOYAL: a man who protects those who are good to him; love & care for him.

– PASSIONATE: a man who stands up for what he believes in & never gives up.

– COMPLETE: a man who has strong values & morals and lives by them.

– LOVING: a man who is looking for a REAL woman that will look after him & love him and he will in return care for, love & look after them.

– STRONG WILLED: a man who can look temptation (another woman) in the eye & turn around and walk away because he knows what he has & what he has is what he needs & wants.

– FAITHFUL: a man who doesn’t have to make excuses for himself and his behaviour because he is in control of his actions & therefore does not need to feel guilty.

– TRUSTWORTHY: a man who can be without his woman by his side and have the woman feel completely confident in him & his decisions whilst not with him.

– PATIENT: a man who understands that great things take time to happen & they should not be forced.

– UPLIFTING: a man who makes his woman 10 times the woman she already is by growing & learning things together & making her feel special everyday.

Which of these have you displayed exactly?

Which part of “a real man” are you?

Which part of you being “a real man” should I be proud of?

I could tell you what your actions have shown me. What type of man you are exactly. But I think I will leave that for you to answer.

Judging by your email you don’t even realise what happened that night or that morning and maybe even the time we were together.

You have absolutely no idea and now you say “you need me”… What about when I needed you? Where were you all those times?

Being a real man??? Letting me go home by myself when I felt sick, walking out on me in the middle of the night, not coming home when you said you would, going straight back to your ex and rubbing it in my face, letting me leave without saying a word.

Just writing these things makes my blood boil & my body fill with rage….

“If you met a girl like me before you met me…” Really?! I don’t even know how to fathom that. That statement is just ridiculous. “The love that you wait for & didnt know how to keep” what does that mean… Pretty simple – be a FUCKING GENUINE HUMAN BEING!

I’m glad you are ready to find your self a girl. Good on you. I’m so glad I got to be your doormat – who you walked all over.

Yes I will never be that girl because I will never ever forget the pain & hurt you put me through. You are an incredibly selfish person – all you think about is yourself & I was always putting myself & what I needed aside for you. Not anymore.

You- A, I don’t even know what to say about what kind of impact you have had on me as a person. I guess I truly know what I cannot & will not ever allow back into my life. Your Behaviour is toxic to my mind, heart & soul. I will never be betrayed, manipulated, taken advantage of or used by any person ever again. I will never allow it because I know how much it affects me. You brought me down to my lowest point in my life. You made me feel worthless. You hurt me like no other person had. No one ever came close to how you hurt me and the worst part is you are in denial about your actions and you can’t even see.

Enough is enough. I cannot have you in my life.

I gave too much of me to you- trying to help you & believing in you & you did not deserve that & I lost myself and what I love about me in the process. I am still trying to find & rebuild me now & I do not want you to be apart of my future.

Thank you for your efforts in writing that email.

May you find happiness within yourself.

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  1. Marriott 8 years ago

    Oho girl he truely didnt deserve you at all. How cn he walk out on you & even let you go home alone when you were sick. No excuse to that. Don’t have the thing of all guys being the same coz if thats the case you’ll not find the right one. All the best.

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