Wiping tears

Wiping tears

Wiping tears

Dear John,

Are you happy? Do you get a kick out of this? Do you enjoy breaking girls hearts and making promises to them and then leaving them? I wanted to surprise you, I wanted to love you. I accepted you for who you were. I didn’t care about what you had done. I just loved you. And what hurt the most was that you didn’t even try. When a girl walks away she wants to be stopped and fought for. If you would have tried that night to stop me, to look for me, we would still be together. You didn’t call, you didn’t text, you didn’t bother to do anything. I hadn’t seen you in a month, we were thousands of miles away and when I showed up and surprised you, your stare was blank, your eyes didn’t look at me the same way when we hugged good bye the day i left. Your hug wasn’t the same either. You ignored me in front of our friends. I thought we loved each other. But that’s not how you treat someone you love.

You ignored me and didn’t even try talking to me or bothered to ask me why I was there. The next day was when you finally decided to talk to me. Really? Why didn’t you call me to say good night or a short text…something for crying out loud!

I didn’t mean anything to you. Let’s face it. They were all lies. It was all part of the sick game you play. I was just another girl on your list. When I told you I was done you didn’t even have the guts to face me. You made up excuses of how you had stuff to do. You weren’t even man enough to end things with me.

I am glad though that I don’t have to end up with someone like you. I know that one day I will marry the right guy and I will be enough for him and he will fight for me. And he will love me no matter what and he won’t let me walk away.

What happens now?

Well just know that one day all that you did to all the girls you played with, a jerk will do to your future children. And it will hurt you! And you will wish that you could change your past but it will be too late. Cause you will have to face your consequences that day as you wipe your little girls tears of her face. Remember that we all reap what we sow. And you have sown sorrow into many girls hearts. You have caused a lot of heart breaks. I hope the pain eats you alive that day.

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  1. Xzavier98 5 years ago

    Wow, he deserves it!

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