Dear Rohit

Congrats on your soon to be new arranged marriage bride. Arranged hastily by your parents a few days or weeks after i broke up with you because they would not give you permission to marry me.

I always counted you as my pillar of strength and i always believed in you even when things were looking down for now. I gave up so much thinking that you were the one. But how was i to know that you were another sack of shit indian male; sowing seeds outside before your parents found a bride for you. You said you loved me; i tell you today that you don’t know what love is.

I hope that when things go bad for you, that your so called indian bride and her family gives you a hell of a time for not meeting their expectations. I hope that she never really makes your beloved parents her own and ignores their needs.

I sincerely hope that at the end of the day, your decision to do whatever your family says..comes back to bite all of you in the balls. No one wanted someone who was willing to give up everything for you..so now i hope you are stuck with someone who isnt willing to give up anything for you.


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