To the moon’s lover

To the moon’s lover

To the moon’s lover

Dear Lover,

I should beginning with telling you, that you are in fact best friends with the Trickster. I don’t know if she told you that the Moon required wild roses, I don’t know if she told you that if you left, you could never come back to our Spirit World.

But if she didn’t, you should know that I never cared for the roses, that instead all I ever wanted was you. Sure, there were times when doubted plagued my mind and promised to tear my heart apart with fear, but you, my Lover, had promised never to leave my side. And yet you left me. And just like you asked, I never forgot the two things you asked me never to forget.

You loved me. And your heart was mine. Mine.

When you said you that I could do better, that I deserved better, I fought you ever step of the way. Until I realized that arguing with you over what I wanted and what I needed made things worse. You said you lost hope, you said your heart broke… But couldn’t you see, that even after you were gone, you would still break my heart? Couldn’t you see, that you had managed to melt the Ice Queen’s heart with your love? Did you forget all I said you? Every promise I made? I meant it. I swear I did.

And then two days passed, and I went back to find you. I left our Spirit World in search of you, only to find that you have taken refuge in the wild roses. And I tried to understand, but upon my short trip into your new world, I stumbled upon her where she proclaimed that your heart was hers. How could you give your heart to her? Was it not mine like you promised? Wasn’t it? I tried to give you time, for you to realize you were wrong. I was so hurt, but I wanted to cling to you, like you had always done with me… But without my knowledge, you left me. Do you remember my last words?

I told you “You wouldn’t be the only one with a broken heart..” I told you, “you’d just be the idiot who broke his own heart.” And then you said Goodnight, and I had to rise back into the sky, without you, my lover. And for the remaining days, there was no Sun in the sky. No shinning beacon of light.

Now tell me, how can the Sun and the Moon share the same sky? So whilst the Sun takes refuge in the wild roses, whom must the Moon seek comfort in? The stars? Darling, there are not enough stars in the sky to keep me from thinking of you. There is no wolverine to lift the heaviness of my now dark heart.

Why didn’t you tell me…that night was our final goodbye? Why didn’t you seek me again, Lover? Did you give up, were you no longer trying to return to the Spirit World, to my side, where you belonged? Will that trickster wild rose ever be enough? Did she whisper into your ear, ever so softly, that I was not good for you?


Dearest Lover, you are not the only one with a broken heart. I fear that yours might heal faster than mine. That you might forget me soon enough as those of that roam so easily do. But those in the  Spirit World are cursed to a fate much worse than yours. To never forget… Can you not see, that for me, there is no peace, no freedom, no…relief? Because to close my eyes would be to accept my dreaded fate.

The Moon

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  1. Love You To The Moon, Forever and Ever 5 years ago

    Irregular Galaxy

    I remember a time back when,
    I was barely ten.
    A book fair contest,
    Poster, unlike the rest.

    Books flew out of earth,
    Spirals of galaxies then gave birth.
    Universe out of this world
    Before me unswirled.

    Vivid colors and sparkly stars,
    Glowing moon to bright red Mars.
    My eyes transfixed,
    Such marvels exist.

    Care Bears, Rainbow Brite, Glo Worms, Lite Brite.
    Can I, was it right, with all these toys, to play all night?
    I remember a time back when,
    Long ago, a writer did say-Emerson
    “If the stars should appear one night in a thousand years,
    How would men believe and adore…”
    From that moment, I never knew what was in store.

    “…every night come out these envoys of beauty, and
    Light the universe with their admonishing smile.”
    My heart adored you, all the while, to beguile.
    Pulled me in, gravity of love, asteroids with such thrust,
    Gas and dust, formed our love, universe of strong trust.

    Can I be a writer that dreams of living on that moon which smiles back with dimples?
    I loved you from the start,
    You occupied my heart.

    Stories and scriptures, shooting stars and starlight,
    The universe looked so bright.
    Memories and moonbeams,
    Milky way filled all our dreams.

    But irregular, was our universe,
    Odd in shape, to traverse.
    Spaceships and spacemines spiraled out of control,
    Gas and dust sucked us into a hole.

    We stopped…I can’t breathe,
    You seethed, our love then ceased.
    Darkness and dust,
    Dark matter and untrust.
    Was it lust? A passing gust?

    Care Bears, Rainbow Brite, Glo Worms, Lite Brite.
    I used to dream and play all day, was it all right to play all night?
    For us to play, it was not right.
    The stars appeared,
    then disappeared.

    I remember a time back when, the stars appeared,
    then disappeared…
    I can’t eat,
    Our love is obsolete.
    This grief, not brief, does hurt,
    You’d never assert.

    The tears keep flowing,
    I am not glowing.
    No more Care Bears…Rainbow Brite…
    Glo Worms…and…Lite Brite.

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