I can’t see 23 without thinking of you. You’re the only person I think about. I still think that number brings good luck no matter what though. And 9 and 7. I know you think about me too. Those three numbers are your combination lock and you said you think of me every time you would unlock your locker. Or maybe you changed it. But I need you to know I still love you. You were honestly my first love. Everything that we have gone through was a complete roller coaster, but I would go through it all over again.

At first I was over you and actually despised you. About three weeks has gone by and I find myself thinking about you more and more. How badly it ended, the words we said, and how I didn’t mean any of the nasty things I said. I haven’t talked to you all in those three weeks and don’t plan to. I put up this front with all my friends, but I still miss you. I’ve kept everything. The pictures, the corsage from prom, and my love for you. I don’t know if you feel the same way, but I guess that’s what love is. I may not know if you still love me, but how can it go away after only three weeks? I just know I’m in love with you. Maybe I’ll get over it….maybe I won’t. I just have this feeling that we’ll see each other again. And somehow we’ll bump into each other and it will begin again.

It’s a crazy thought, but every time I see 23 I think about us meeting one more time. I know you have to see 23. At some point in time, you’ve seen it. And you’ve thought about what we’ve had. If you see 23, don’t just think about me. Take action because I know our love was strong and still exists. I just don’t know when you will see that number. That number that has connected us in so many ways. I always said that fate is connected with that number and only good things could come. You would roll your eyes, but always be amazed when you would see it before any big game or event. You know you believe it, so don’t fight it. Don’t let your pride risk it all. I have a void and perhaps I just need to get over it. But I’m not over you. And I just wanted to tell you that…because it’s killing me to even think of the idea that you may be over me.


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