Should’ve known better

Should’ve known better

Should’ve known better

I really questioned what I did and blamed myself when it ended. So many emotions clouded my mind and heart. How could I trust and give so much so quickly. I think because I thought I knew you and felt comfortable with you I had no reason not to trust you. But how I was proven wrong and fast. I gave you my body which I had abstained for over a year and in a month gave you what I held so deeply just to have you leave in three. What disbelief, shame, sorrow, and anger welled up inside of me.

I realized it wasn’t anything I did , its just you didn’t want to be with me. I can accept that but feel violated with the games. No wonder you changed you mind so quickly about me meeting the boys. I am so glad I have Christ because if not I would hate you but I don’t I deserve what I got AGAIN for not learning my lesson the 1st time. I foolishly thought your cared but I guess I was just another girl to add to your list. I will still pray for you because anyone who could hut someone else purposely and swear they are so spiritual really needs the LORD.

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  1. charmen grace escander 5 years ago

    . sakit yah .. . .anggaiihuya mhan la na luyag cmu.? xla ni andre kg ni keryl.?
    huya2 mhan bxkan gamay lnq.??
    hambl na ni jenine sa akon .. . gn into lang ko galeh written by: jenine roto tamayo

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