So, you already had someone else

So, you already had someone else

So, you already had someone else
You played me BIG Time. August 17th your relationship went public. Ironically enough we didn’t even stop talking till August 15th. When I thought it was something I did; it wasn’t. You already had someone else. But I deserve what I got believing in a LIAR and sleeping with a married man. I asked if you wanted to see other people and you said no. But you already were.

No wonder you didn’t  have time for me. It’s amazing how good God is he he still won’t let me hate you. Why even play games like I was someone special to you. I will pray even harder for you now because anyone who could hurt someone purposely and without concern really needs the LORD. I have so much to say but why bother because someone as heartless, inconsiderate, and manipulative as you wouldn’t understand or care. No need to say don’t text you again. I won’t and so far have been blessed not to see you.



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