Another one bites the dust

Another one bites the dust

Another one bites the dust

Dear You

I am writing you this because I feel as if there is a lot that has been left unsaid on my behalf. When we first started dating, we both mentioned and agreed on exactly what we’re looking for and that was to find someone we can settle down with. With saying that, I thought you were looking to have just as a serious relationship with someone as much as I was. I am sorry that it seemed that I was taking our relationship too “serious” for you. However, I do not find that a fair saying.

If you did not plan or intend to have a serious relationship with me, then I feel that I was highly misled throughout our relationship from the time you surprised me with a trip to the Biltmore to the numerous of times that you’ve mentioned that I’m the best girlfriend you have ever had and how crazy you are about me; which obviously, couldn’t be more of a lie. You also promised me that you would never cheat on me and that there was nothing between you and your ex, which are just even more lies.

I have strongly expressed my thoughts on cheating many of times. I guess you can call me naïve but I thought I could honestly and completely trust you, which I haven’t had that feeling towards a guy in such a long time. It’s heartbreaking to see that once again, I couldn’t be more wrong and perhaps you turned out to be just another statistic. Through all the hurt and humiliation, I want you to know that I am not mad at you. I just recommend taking some personal time to figure out what exactly YOU wants while being honest with yourself instead of hurting someone else. I wish you only for the very best and success for your future.




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