You’ll realize someday

You’ll realize someday

You’ll realize someday

Dear Joe

I honestly don’t even know where to start or what to say to you . I don’t even know how to put into words the pain you’ve caused me and the disappointment you put me through. I’ve been sitting here for days thinking and wondering what happened to the honest and faithful guy I fell in love with. The guy that would never hurt me, would never leave me, would never treat me the way you have. I tried to put myself in your shoes and try to see things from your perspective… but they just didn’t make sense. Things just didn’t add up.

I couldn’t understand that after 4 years you could just get up and throw me away like I was nothing to you. Even after what you put me through I trusted you, I believed you, and I defended you. I gave you so many chances to tell me the truth, but instead you looked me in the eyes and you lied to me, over and over again. You told me she was “just a friend”. I wondered why this was so easy for you and why you didn’t even text me to ask me how I was… and now I know, now I understand. You were already texting someone else… I don’t need to sit here and go into detail and tell you all that I know… because you know exactly what you’re doing Joe.

You are a self-absorbed compulsive liar and I am NOT stupid. I know exactly what is going on. I’ve thought about going to your house and screaming at you, punching you, punching her…again but I’ve come to realize… neither of you are worth my time. I hope she is worth it Joe… It’s only a matter of time until her boyfriend finds out and you are left alone and she is on to her next. She’s a cheater, she is trashy and she’s a home wrecker. I couldn’t believe someone like you was capable of inflicting such pain and agony. I actually thought you were the one I was going to spend the rest of my life with. I actually thought about waiting for you…giving you time and giving you space… waiting until you were ready to be with me again. Now I have no idea why.

You had an amazing girl that gave you everything, that would do anything for you. I wanted nothing more but to be there for you and love you. I seen passed all your flaws and I valued all your strengths. For a moment I thought I was the one losing…but I’m not. You’re losing. You’ve lost. You lost the one girl that loved you unconditionally, you lost an amazing family, and you’ve lost so many opportunities. I have no regrets because at the end of the day, I know I did nothing but love you but someday you’re going to regret these decisions you’ve made.

As much as I truly do love you and truly wish things didn’t turn out like this, you made your choice and now I’m choosing to let go because I deserve so much better than what you’ve become. So thank you for all the memories…both the good and the bad. I’m just going to come out stronger each day. I’m moving on and I’m not looking back. Someday someone is going to thank you for letting me go and they are going to appreciate me for who I am and the love I can give. I hope you enjoy your life and good luck with your future. I’m sorry I was the girl who believed shooting stars were worth more than shoes and cars.



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