I want to forgive you, and forget you

I want to forgive you, and forget you

I want to forgive you, and forget you

It’s been three months now and I want you to know I’m happy. I think a big part of me being happy is that I know longer have you in my life. You were toxic, all you ever did was tear me down and make me feel like I wasn’t enough. Through it all I still would have stayed by your side, but you gave up on me, you walked away and erased me from your life as if I never meant a thing to you. You left me questioning whether you ever did care, sometimes I think you kept me around to somehow make yourself feel better. I wish I could forgive you and then more than anything I wish I could forget you.

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  1. Anonymous 2 years ago

    GIRL YES!!!! I literally copied what you wrote and sent it to my ex.
    Idk what this man did to me, I think it was manipulation.. but I still miss him. If he asked for me back… I think I would. I mean I’ve never even met this darn man. He is in military prison. So why the heck does it hurt so bad. Why can’t I stop thinking about him? I think it’s the him, I have wrapped up in my mind. The imagine of who I wanted him to be when he got home to me. Does that make sense? Ugh I get it girl! I hope you’re doing well!!!

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