I’m done

I’m done

I’m done

Dear Jacob,

You are an amazing guy. Years ago when we ended I thought it was okay because we had nothing in common, we were not right for each other. But this time round, over th past year, as we have become good friends again, you have surprised me in so many ways. Not many people surprise me for the better. But I’m done. You have a girlfriend and despite what you’d want me to believe, I know youre not leaving her anytime soon. I don’t hate you but for a while I hated that fact the you lied to get what you want.

I was completely over you, had been with so many other guys, loved other guys. When we started talking again, I only wanted to be friends! I never led you on, all ways called you out whenever you said anything inappropriate! But we became too close again! I feel so stupid for thinking we could be just friends. Thinking that us talking all day, every day wouldn’t lead to any old feelings coming back. We both shared things no one else knew. I trusted you more than anyone and you lied straight to my face! What I hate so much about the fact you cheated on your girlfriend is not the actually act of what you did, but the lies! You pulled me into a situation, made me feel guilty when at the time I didn’t even know I was doing anything wrong, and you got me when I was so drunk.

Also after that I started to like you again to the point wher a few weeks ago I started crying when I got with someone else. After that I knew this had to stop! I told you how I felt, I told you to stop messaging me and then two days later you send me a text. Youre a jerk for that. And now again today. I love you and I wish I could talk to you and be friends but I can’t. I have too many memories. When I see you at clubs I’ll be fine to talk to you but I can’t live with the guilt of talking to you all the time when i know I’ve betrayed another innocent girl. So have a good day, year, life. Hope everything works out for you. Sorry for not replying to the texts you keep sending me but you know why I can’t.

Love B x


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