will always love you

will always love you

will always love you

i know i have tried to apologize for what happened so many times. i know sometimes i act as if i did not mean that. what i long for is to hear you say i’m sorry for what happened too and also forgive me because the truth is we all played a part in ruining what we had. the day i told you i love you i meant it and you know i will always do. you are the love of my life. i still need you in my life.

life has given me soo many second chances and i do use them effectively but it has never given me a second chance to make things between us work. you not part of my life at the moment and i find myself making my future plans that include you. when i think of my future family, my dream wedding, you are there as part of it. i wonder if i’m just loving you too much that is has became an obsession or you just my true. tried all i can to get you out of my mind but i fail all the time.

i know sometimes we talk and try to work things out but at the end it does not and that’s what kills me most. it really hurts loving you and knowing that you not part of my life. all the memories of us as a happy moments i relive them everyday hoping that one day we could go back there. i even tried being happy with someone and it never wrked out because my heart is still with you. i wish i could just wake up one day and find that all this misery is just a dream..

hope you feel the same about us.. i love you and only you not anyone else….above all i’m sorry for everything it was all motivated by loving you and trying soo hard but i’ve learnt from all that. i think it was because i was young immature by then. wish you could get to know this matured me and know how much she has grown to..

love you always



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