You’re not a man

You’re not a man

You’re not a man

I’m writing this because I never had the chance to get what I wanted to say off my chest.

I miss all the long talks on Skype and all the additional Internet charges from FaceTiming you while you served our country.

I miss how you’d listen to what I needed and me laughing till my face was sore.

We shared so many secretes and dreams and you started telling me about this future you wanted with me.

You begged me to trust you and let go of my jacked up past.

Then, day by day you changed. Or rather, showed me the real you…

Till this day it hurts that you never came to comfort me or saw me after losing our baby.

All the times we laid there and how you whispered you loved me.

I’m angry because you never apologized to my face and thought texting me was good enough to end us over.

See, your friendship was important and I chose to still support you as I promised. Not do what you did to me.

And, one day you’ll realize that you are the company you keep. Isolating yourself and hiding behind texts doesn’t wipe the slate clean.

Through it all I still would have stayed by your side, but you started blaming me for your issues that you hid from me.

You pushed me away and attempted to erased me from your life .

Your actions left me questioning whether you really ever cared.

I learned you couldn’t officially quit drinking, because you couldn’t cope with the realities that our relationship brought out. You could’t handle that I was your mirror.

And I know no matter how much you try to delete me out your life. A good woman can never be forgotten.

So when you look back,

know that everything could have been different if you didn’t let your insecurities muddy up your potential.


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