What I didn’t expect

What I didn’t expect

What I didn’t expect


8 years it’s taken for our pointless relationship to fall apart. We discussed children and then found out we were 4 months already. I knew you weren’t the same person during labour, when we were sent home and told to rest. When I panicked and said I’m dying you were rude and snapped to go to sleep. That is not the way you speak to you loved one in the middle of there biggest transition of their life. I was scared, I wanted reassurance. You gave me the cold shoulder and turned the other way.

You were horrible to me once we were home with the baby. I believe you were grinding me down so that I’ll end our relationship. You wouldn’t put our babys safety above the feelings of your aggressive dog. You didn’t want me to breastfeed so told me it’s no better then formula. And making nasty comments about the baby fussing at the breast. It didn’t take long to fall out 100%, you stopped coming over to see us. When we split you waited for me to do it. After that you wouldn’t have any contact about any of it apart from baby.

Then I try to mend our relationship. But failed. Then I found out you were with your ex from school. Our baby was only 4 months. You wouldn’t tell me to my face you made me say it out loud, as if you didn’t know. So then you wouldn’t help pay for baby. Your family kicked off at me at every chance. I tried a few times to check what you wanted. Then you tell me your moving in with her, and you both have a future, and don’t want to be in the family you created.

Then I found out she’s pregnant also, within our baby’s first 4 months of life and that’s when I realised this is truely the person you are. Now your trying to make me look crazy for clinging onto hope all these months, but now I know who you are. You said your priority is our baby but you haven’t paid a penny, haven’t asked how we are, never said sorry, you have washed your hands of being there for me.

I could be suffering postnatal depression, from all this but you don’t care, I have had an appetite in 2 months, I love food but just haven’t wanted barely anything, your baby’s well being is suffering because my well being is suffering. All you’ve done is try and make me out to be crazy. You’ve judged and belittled me when I’ve been upset, called the police when I sent a letter and told them I was harassing you. They thought it was funny by the way.

Your mum has been crazy and aggressive to me twice when I had the baby. I wish you we but I doubt you’ll be gone for good yet. I hope all your mistakes you’ve made with your first baby will be lessons learnt for your next. My life will now be dedicated to our son, who is king to my world. In 5 years I would have graduated in university and begin midwifery. I will show you how a real parent looks after and provides for their baby. And I’d happily do that alone instead tied to you and your fake ass life, values, morals and standards.

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  1. haley jones 11 years ago

    Thank you for sharing your story. I read your story and it sounded exactly like my own story after having a newborn and being treated badly while trying to breast feed. I m sorry he wasn’t sensitive to you in such a critical time of need. I pray for you and your baby and that God will help get you through this situation and put people into your life to help you and guide you along the way. My email is haleyjones07@gmail.com if you need to talk..be blessed….

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