Thank you for loving me

Thank you for loving me

Thank you for loving me

Hey E,

I’m writing this letter not in desperation, and not to be angry and upset at what you did to me. I’m not writing this to beg you to come back. No, this is more of a thank you letter. I don’t want to thank you for breaking my heart, but I want to thank you for loving me and dealing with me for as long as you did. I recognize I wasn’t always the best and I made you feel like I wasn’t happy with you. The truth is, I had never been as happy in my entire life. Maybe I didn’t always show it, but you could make me smile so easily. But, that doesn’t matter anymore.

Right now, I am just writing this to genuinely thank you for everything you have done for me during these last 2 years. You deserve this, I truly believe you do. You dealt with more than enough for me, and I’m sorry for it all. I want to thank you for allowing me in your life this long, and for being there for me the whole way through. I want to thank you for caring so much about me, more than I ever thought possible. Thank you for loving me at my best and worst. I can tell you I have never felt so thankful for one person in my entire life.

Every night before I fell asleep, I would think about what a wonderful person I was sharing my life with. I absolutely loved sharing my life with you, and I loved being apart of yours as well. Thank you for making me always feel like apart of your family, I truly grew to love them. I will miss them so much, and apart of me wishes I could still stay in touch with them. You are extremely lucky to have such great people around you.

Please thank your parents for everything they did for me. I really grew to admire and love them over the past 2 years of our relationship and what awesome people they are. I’ll never forget them, or your grandparents, or even your uncle and cousins. They all treated me so well and I’ve never felt so welcome among someone’s family in my life. Thank you for always including me, in everything. I loved every moment we spent together, even the rough times.

Thank you for standing by me when I went to college, your support helped me through the first “transition” semester and it was so great to always have you to come to with all my worries. I realize that I changed in those 4 months, I just couldn’t stand being away from you. You’ll never understand what I felt and I don’t know why I handled it the way I did, by always getting upset, but to this day I wish I hadn’t been like that. I felt like it ruined our relationship and made you believe I wasn’t happy.

The complete truth is that I was happy, I just wanted you to experience all these changes with me. I wanted you to be there with me to experience all the fun stuff I was doing and the people I was meeting. It sucked that I had to just text you and tell you about it all, because there was only so much I could tell you over text. I just wanted you to be there for me. It was hard for me to accept the fact that you weren’t there, and that by the time I saw you again, all the cool stuff I was doing or wanted to share with you had already been long over. I may sound stupid, but it’s all true. All I really want you to gather from this letter is thank you. Thank you for making me the happiest girl in the world for as long as you possibly could stand. I’m sorry I made it so hard.


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