It’s hard to believe that I wasted two years of my life on you. I should have noticed long ago that you were a good-for-nothing jerk who just wanted someone to shower him with love and affection while you did nothing in return. You were never much of a gentleman or much of a man at all for that matter. And though I still have occasional thoughts about you and the (few) good times we shared, I want you to know that I am finally moving on to bigger things (no pun intended). There is someone new in my life and he’s absolutely amazing.

I haven’t been this happy in a long time. Yes, it is a long distance relationship, but it is going perfectly well. I’ll have you know that I plan on going to France in June to see him and be with him! You’ve done irreparable damage to me when it comes down to relationships, but JB takes both the good and the bad of me and still loves me. He knows what I’ve been through with you (and what I’m still going through) and he understands completely. What makes me so sad though is that while I have this amazing guy supporting me, I still think of you and what we could have been. But you threw it all away and now there is nothing left of what used to be. I really wish I didn’t have any more thoughts of you, no more haunting memories… But I will never give you the satisfaction of knowing that you still have the ability to disturb my thoughts. I hope you’re happy with the monster you have become.


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