Where did I go wrong?

Where did I go wrong?

Where did I go wrong?

When I met you i believed you were different. You showed me you were different. You were loving and caring and the sweetest story of my life. I believe I was eventually meant to be happy. The quality time we spend together the text’s that you were missing me.The eagerness you had to see me. The little whatsapp text “BABY WHERE R YOU” the way you’d pull your face and say you going somewhere but i had to be there by your side.

WHY I ASK of you Mr E why did you have to lie and play my heart.You promised me you’d never do that. What and amazing night spent together. You came back home with an x girl friend and everything just stops with the hug and goodbye kiss the saturday morning when you left me. People say you are stronger you come from a worst relationship this to will past. But guess what easier said then done. I don’t think you realize what how deep in my heart you have crept but neither do you realize how much you broke my heart.

Not even a goodbye it’s over. Not even an explanation as to why you lied about what you felt. I put togther a home for you in less then 3 days with everything you did not have to lift a finger.I would give my life to see you smile the way you did when your friends dropped by for your house warming.Pls just tell me why am i treated as if i did something wrong no call sms or even a text.Why are you ignoring me and making me feel like i am intruding your life WHY WHY WHY Pls tell me why.Why are you opening the wounds that has healed from ny past life why are you doing what my x did. Does it bring you some sort of Joy and comfort ? pls do tell i wanna know because if it makes you smile to see me die then i will die a million times over and over just for you.


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