Confused with heartache

Confused with heartache

Confused with heartache

Dear Paddy,

I can’t even call you my ex as we were never together,

I guess because I believed you never saw me that way unless you were drunk.

Theres so much I have always wanted to tell you, but been to proud, to afraid, to stupid. I have been inlove with you for the last year, I love everything about you, your still now one of my favorite people in the world. Even when you give me less then zero, I hold a higher regard for you then my closest friends. Seeing you sad, cast, upset, sick, angry makes my heart ache. I just want you to be happy. I’d do anything, go anywhere, buy anything just to improve your mood slightly, Now that we live together it makes getting over you all the more easy.

I have never felt this way about anyone before,
I don’t even know what I want anymore.
I just know I do regret not telling you from the first time we hooked up how I really felt.
Here we are over a year later, your now my roommate, college and biggest confusion of my life.
But I’d rather be heartbroken with you in my life, then not have you around at all.
I just needed to get this out,
You honestly deserve to know,
I don’t know if I will ever tell you the truth.
Talking about feelings isn’t either one of our strong suits.
But this I suppose, is a first step.

Don’t ever change,



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