Wonderfully painful love

Wonderfully painful love

Wonderfully painful love

I should be over you by now, right? Its been about 10 months since you broke up with me and I’m still clueless as to why. That was one of the worst mornings of my life, I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t move, I was in shock. Rumors going around say you cheated but deep inside I think it was just me.

I try to talk to other people but the memories of you cloud my brain so that I’m not able to get close to anyone. You don’t understand the extent of my love and you never will. When I said I was in love with you and that I was willing to work through anything; I was dead serious and I still am. I don’t want anyone else, nobody compares to you, nobody.

Everything about you is perfect your eyes, your smile, your heart is just beautiful. when I go to sleep at night your the one I think about before, and when I close my eyes. Your the first thought on my mind when I wake up. I want to do better and be a better person because of you.

I see the future like this: I’m successful and you are too, we are more mature. We catch eyes again one day and you fall in love all over again. I have no doubt in the world that this can’t happen. I want you: DAMIAN L yes you I want you more than anything. I see you almost everyday and it kills me because I want to tell you how I feel but I’m afraid of how you would react. It hurts even worse when the love your sending through isn’t being noticed.

I guess right now you want temporary lust, your in love with the feeling of false love. but I want to show and give you real love. The type of love you will never have to doubt. Even though I spent months trying to hate you just to let you go I cant, I’ve tried my best. being in love with you is the most wonderfully painful thing I ever felt. I could go on and on about you and the way I feel but just know I love you Damian, I love you with all my soul. Goodbye until we met again.


  1. FUck love heat lies

  2. taya 5 years ago

    What do you say to some that you love that you have hurt.he may have taken you back but you feel like you are hurting him.You are still with him but you wont to tell him you love him and will do anything for him And that if he is patient you will get better at thins hole relationship thing?

  3. Fern 3 years ago

    Sorry to have bothered you yesterday. You’ve made it clear you aren’t a friend and want nothing to do with myself and my children.
    What I don’t understand is what makes a person turn off there so called “Love” they had so instantly? It’s not important I won’t try to rationalize with you because it’s proven in the past to be meaningless and ineffective when your in the zone of hatred.

    Lilia I really would have married you and taken care of you for the rest of our time on earth together. I just can’t deal with your ugly bad attitude. It’s not right Lilia. I know your anger is a problem and you’re not in touch with that yet. It’s not about Lissette or me it’s about a traumatic childhood and an abusive, alcoholic father.
    I won’t gamble on leaving the only person who helps me for an unstable person who calls me ugly and says I have big ears? Says I’m stupid?

    No Lilia I’m not stupid. Actually very smart and my first million dollars in sales this quarter 2018 proves it.
    Lilia I will have a comfortable life with or without you. I do love ❤️ you and Maya. I heard what you said and the way you treated me on the phone wasn’t acceptable. Lilia I feel if I was dying you couldn’t careless. You made me feel empty yesterday and only a person with hatred would act that way towards a person they supposedly loved. I know now you didn’t love me because there could be no possible way you would ever leave or not fight for our future together. That’s not love.
    You’ve said horrible things to me in the past and I’ve gotten over them. Won’t forget but over it anyways. Lilia you blame me and I blame you. Why? Who knows. Nevertheless you aren’t interested in me and have other things going on so I can read the writing on the wall.

    I love you always and hope and pray “twice” for you that happiness enters your life.

    You know you asked me why I would be with a person that’s a whore and cheats on me?
    Well here’s your answer.
    “Kindness ”
    Simply being concerned about my well being and talking polite to me. Jesus ran around with a whore and all kinds of losers. If he could do it so can I….
    We all need more Jesus 🙏🏻.

    Well that’s all I have and I’m emotionally tired so farewell my love and I truly from the bottom of my ugly black and cold dead heart I love you and would have married you. Just can’t deal with bad attitudes from people who really haven’t accomplished much.

    Like you said Goodbye

  4. hope 1 year ago

    it was december 29 2019 when we fight really hard. He went home to cdo and me left with our son mavis. I’m really upset on him since he just got his point that i don’t understand why he can’t give me anything for christmas. Me as a woman being remembered especially on christmas day is quite as important as he remember you as a special person. However, this ended up nothing but my fault. I will really not forget this day.
    I really want to have this relationship be our end. I swear! This is Not because of the material gift only but because I want to have my dignity back of being loved and cared of.

    I hope someone can help me move on and forget about him.

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