I love you, Elizabeth. I always will

I love you, Elizabeth. I always will

I love you, Elizabeth. I always will

no, its not puppy love at all. Its been a month since it ended. december 28, you just did it, you said were over… I was literally having the best time of my life were my dad which him and i never get along, were getting close and enjoying everything. and then it just happened. i cried every night because of it… i still get depressed when i see you… i did everything as a first with you i had never let girls sleep over before and you did and we had sex that night bc it was 12:00 and it was our 1 month and we just had sex…

ive been depressed ever since i lost my mom and you brought me happiness and that’s how i knew i wanted you to be my first. I’m only 14. and yes I’ve had sex and i knew i wanted you. you’re gorgeous and beautiful and smart and funny and goofy and miss you. Yet at the same time. i fucking hate you, i fucking fucking hate you. how the fuck do you just do that to me and say one day yes i do want to be in this relationship and then just tell me a week after break up “i just kinda lost feelings” like what the fuck.

i hate you you’re a bitch fuck you i can’t stand you and everytime i see you it get sad but angry i, just so mad that you would do that and act like me having sex with you and choosing to have sex with you was nothing . that was a hard but easy decision bc i loved you. yes i fucking know i messed up. i talked to alex and told her i liked while dating you. but the night you found out was the night i told alex i can’t do this and i know what i want and its elizabeth, i love her . thus what i told alex that night a few hours before you somehow found out…

you said you don’t know if we’ll get back together but i stilll hope for it every night lie you’ll text me saying hey loser or something like that how we used to text each other… elizabeth i cry for you and i love you and killing me with out you. I’ve had suicidal thoughts before bc of a lot of things in my life and loosing you has the been the hardest ever. but the only reason i haven’t had those thoughts is cause i hope that one day we’ll get back together and that I’m alive to see it..im sorry..i love you..please just come back..i miss you


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