To the hearts that I’ve broken

To the hearts that I’ve broken

To the hearts that I’ve broken

To the hearts that I’ve broken,

I know there are few people out there that misunderstands me. I realised that my communication is to blame. I never understand relationship and my first lasted for four months. The other 1 month after. The other 3mths later and the cycle continues. I think I’ve become a serial dater.

I know I have hurt others along the way because I am a girl of my own thoughts, and when I feel tied down or bored, I’ll leave the relationship for petty reasons.

I’ve been called heartless; I’ve heard that I am cancer-like in nature, I’ve heard that I am miserable and that I am temperamental but many didn’t stop to know the real me.

I believe the hearts that I hurt along the way is a reactive feeling for those whose expectations were not met. But why do you all want to change me? Why do you all never accept me for me? You all didn’t because you guys like to control and I am so sorry but I am not into mind games. Sorry but not sorry!

Yeah, we all are humans. We all have our flaws and yeah, I can be a bitch though my exterior shows a simple and a quiet girl. Silent rivers run deep though!

Anyway, I wish you all well. For those who find me to be cancer-like in nature, I hope you find someone that loves you wholeheartedly. For those who find me to be complicated, I hope you find someone less complicated.

I wish you all well honestly speaking. I realize that neither of you are for me. I am never going to change myself to please another just because expectations aren’t met. Scoffs, grow the hell up.

For those that I almost had a thing with me, I wish you well. You guys held onto false hope when I made myself clear that I wasn’t interested and now you judge me! The joke is on you.

To the hearts that I’ve broken, I know you have both good and bad memories of me but I really hope you find closure.

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  1. Mels 5 years ago

    Beautifully said! That made me tear up. I hope you find that one love you want and deserve! Don’t ever stop being you! 🙂

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