It’s been a year…we tried to make it work after breaking up just being friends and talk like we used to before we dated..but we couldn’t we were in love and we made it work for almost a year but than you had to go and do what you did with her the first time i said it was OK you said it will never happen again and i believed you how stupid i was back than and than it happened again with the same girl and i couldn’t believe it why did you do ? where you fed up on me…a year and i still don’t know what happened..why you did what u did and i guess that’s how it’s gonna be. it’s hard seeing you with her all happy and that smile god i can’t get over it.

What hurts the most is being so close to you and not talking as if we were strangers or stuff..The other day i was walking past your house and i saw your mother and her i tried so hard not to talk and i didn’t some stuff will always be left unsaid right? I’m mad at myself because i know your doing great and your happy and i’m glad your happy it’s just why can’t i move on i tried dating i tried to do alto of thing but you keep popping up on my mind and that’s not fair! I’ve been trying so hard to get you off to forget about you but i can’t…i found a photo of you and her on Facebook the other night…The smile i can’t get it out that smile always brought me to tears and to remember that we once were best friends? how could we end up like seeing each other in the streets and keep on walking? not even a smile or simple bye. You hurt me so much and if only i had the courage to come and tell you some of the stuff i want to tell you god i would do it.

I know you have her know and i know you forgot me or at least that’s what i believe.

You were the first person that showed me what love is and how close you can get to a person and i will never ever forget what you did and how happy you made me when i needed you the most and you stayed to cheer me up.

And i know you didn’t want to hurt and you loved me in any possible way you could…I’m just fed up of this shit that i have with you i can’t stay hooked to you even if i want to i need to move on and be happy i deserve to be happy i gave you your chance and you didn’t come now it’s my turn to be happy with what i have

I won’t forget about you, you changed my life the way i see a lot of things..who i trust but most of all who i love and how to love them and although you tried to tell me that it’s my fault all the stuff that happened were all my fault i know it’s not true cos you cheated and you got me the way i am now i walk proud with my scars that remind me who i am and how i got to this moment but i won’t let you destroy me or my daughters life the way you destroyed the past.

You will be my number one and will always have a part of me after all that’s who you are you destroy the person that loves you and cares for you but I’m done crying I’m done talking and what’s in the past stays there

From the one that loved you trough everything that happened but still you didn’t choose her.

(I LOVE YOU) xxxxx


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