I sometimes would like to have never met you

I sometimes would like to have never met you

I sometimes would like to have never met you

You do not care about me. You never did. Your appearance was important, not me…

You decided to have fun. You ignored my feelings, and wishes. I wanted to build memories with the person I loved. I wanted to remember when I would be old about times I would have danced with you, travelled with you, laughed with you, talked about all sorts of topics with you. But let’s be honest-you never cared… and what memories would I have now? Someone who lied? chated? let me be. please. It’s broken. And it’s too late.


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  1. Truly nothing. 2 years ago

    I let you go. But ive alway loved you and always will.
    The day will feel less bright without your radiance.
    Of the heart breaks I’ve ever dealt with this was is the most crippling.
    I guess I a bitch for loving you.
    I shoulda showed you how happy you made me.
    How much I truly appreciated your company
    As I sit here now was it really that hard for me to not worry.
    It shouldn’t all that matters is you ok and i will see you one daytime again.
    This is the last ill type: I love you brighteyes. I hope you find what you need.

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