Things I wish I could say to you.

Things I wish I could say to you.

Things I wish I could say to you.

Dear DT,

I wish I could have the guts to tell you the things that constantly run through my mind but since I don’t I’m writing this letter.

First off let me say that you made me extremely happy for the short time that we were together. You were the first boy to make me feel the way I did. You were the first boy that I could call in three in the morning because I couldn’t sleep and you answer the phone and would be ready to talk about anything.You were also the first boy that my friends and family loved to be around.You truly made me feel like I was something special.

I want you to know that when we agreed that things weren’t working out, my throat literally would not let me talk. I was completely speechless.

I want you to know that I argued with you even after the breakup because I cared and I still got jealous.

I want you to know that not talking to you was one of the hardest things I had to do. Every time I was alone I had to resist the urge to text you.

I want you to know that I deleted you off of everything was because I needed to separate my self from you to get over you. I didn’t mean to push you further away.

I want you to know that deleting you didn’t work because I still think of you till this very day. From the moment I wake up to you moment I fall asleep.

And lastly I want you to know that I hate the fact that I can’t hate. No matter how badly things ended and no matter how much me argued, the only things left in my memory is how truly happy I was with you. I wish that you were still in my life, maybe not in a relationship but as a friend.

I hope that one day in the future, we bump into each other and start a new chapter of friendship.

Until then, these are the words that remain unsaid.


  1. Nicole 6 years ago

    oh my god you just literally explained everything that goes on in my heart and mind <3 I would tell you that it will pass, but sometimes I don't even believe it myself so I'd be a hypocrite to say that to someone else. Stay strong though and thank you because you showed me that I'm not crazy and that someone does have the same feelings as I do <3

  2. Tatjana 6 years ago

    Dear ex,

    I whish that things were different. I know that you done terrible things tour relationship nu still, i can’t stop thinking about you. We had same friends, we use ti go out on the same places, we were unbreakeble team. 6 long years, six beautiful years. We had ups and downs but afterall, we could ended it differently. Now is everything allready done. I whish I know some stuffs before..Sometimes I remember everything we had…I miss you every night and day…everything is remindig me on were my only love and I feel so lost withaut you. I know that there is no back…I miss you so..

  3. Shieryl 6 years ago

    My two years with my ex was amazing and I have so many things to say but I’m protecting myself for rejection and more pain… Guys thank you for this..

  4. Cb 3 years ago

    I miss you
    But im suppoed to leave you alone

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