From your apparent “First Love”

From your apparent “First Love”

From your apparent “First Love”

You were clearly plotting this all along, I should have seen it coming. The moment you told me that you “needed a break” from the relationship, that’s when I should have noticed.

I knew that you were having troubles from the stress you were getting from you moving away from your parents. I tried to respect that, I tried to be there for you. But you didn’t even want me around. So I said to myself “So be it” and left you alone. I really wouldn’t have minded if you fell in love with someone else during the time I was gone. Because, I already noticed that I couldn’t make you happy.

But, coming up to me, asking me to cyber with you and trying to convince me to do it with you by telling me that you actually wanted me back, and that you weren’t doing it just because you were horny. Then when I refused, you just stopped talking to me altogether until the next day, when you approached me telling me that you have something to tell me. Then you tell me that you’ve been seeing another girl for the past 2 weeks. How much of a douche bag do you have to be to BOTH OF US to even have the GUTS to ask me to cyber with you.

If you had just straight up come up to me and told me that you liked someone else now, then I would’ve been fine, but you just HAD TO CROSS THE F**KING LINE. Mark my words. You keep this up and you will die alone. Oh yeah, btw, you’ll never meet anyone like me ever again. So good luck with finding someone like me ever again. And if you ever have the guts to ask me to come back ever again, nfty. ^^



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