I can’t live happy

I can’t live happy

I can’t live happy

I want so much for you to know and for you to read my letters, but you can’t because I don’t where you are. Days have gone by, months and even years, but you won’t get out of my mind and my heart. I have cried so much that is now so normal for me to go sleep with tears in my cheeks because I miss you so much. I hate this feeling of waking up to hope you can come back to me. to tell me I was wrong and you do love me,but nothing happens, you are still out of the picture, At least you could had told me why you were leaving me,why would you told me you were wrong for me even when it was my choice to decide if you were for me. I guess what I’m trying to tell you is that I miss you and I would give anything just to see your smile just for a second even if you didn’t see me I just want so much to see you are happy where ever you are and that my pain can go away just for seeing you be happy and no pretending like I am.

Maybe one day you could stumble upon this letter and know I did love you and even when you didn’t know I still think about you and pray every day to God that you are really happy and I was just a dream.

forever and always <3



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