I miss you

I miss you

I miss you


The one month was painful for me. I missed you, I cried for you, I lost all the hopes. Your decision always gave shocks to me. Ya it was a big decision. You got married as per your parents choice. I don’t think now you remind me. You always wanted to settle in your life. Now you are settled. You never care about my position in your life. I was stranger, I am stranger and I will be always remain stranger for you. Why did you told that you loved me? Was that your love? It was only emotional need. and I considered it as love. I will not die for you. I can also start new life. I can move ahead. I can be also loved. I deserve true love. You always told me that I should understand your compulsion. But what is about my pain? If you loved me, You could feel my pain. But no matter. I am tired of it. I am tired really. One day you will understand my love but I’ll not be back.



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