I miss you every day

I miss you every day

I miss you every day

Dear L,

6 months ago i made a decision to walk away from our relationship after 10 years, i figured at the time it was the only way to make you realise that the way you treated me was wrong and i wanted you to start to appreciate what we had and to appreciate me. I had every intention of getting back with you, it was a cruel thing to do but everything i had tried before hadn’t worked with you, But it back fired and shortly after you met someone else, Someone who i thought was my friend.

i have never felt pain like it, my heart was broken in to bits and it was absolute torture to watch someone i loved and cared about so much, love someone else. You told me breaking up with you made you a better man and you wouldn’t ever go back to the boyfriend you were. I have seen you out with her and i watch what a great guy you have become, jealously is a cruel emotion and each time i see you my heart crumbles.

I love you so much and I miss you like crazy, i only have myself to blame. i will always regret the day i decided to end everything, its something that i will punish myself for a long time.

I’m still in a bad place over us and i just wanted to write this so i could let myself maybe have some closure and finally look at moving on and leaving what we had in the past, so i can concentrate on my future now.

Yours forever,

S xxxxx


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