Michelle, my belle

Michelle, my belle

Michelle, my belle

Hi Ç.

You left me with a message, telling me you dont want to see me again, you dont feel the same. I wish you could do it by telling it to me on the phone, or by face. I thought what we had deserved this at least. When I looked in to your eyes, I always believed there is something special between us. Yes, there were some problems, but I was for to solve them, even there are some which cant be solved. Not all the people are happy right? We could be happy, we could be unhappy, depending on situations. But we would be together.

I still cant believe how can you get rid of someone with one text message… I dont know whether there is someone in your life, I know that you are eager to find one. Even after this short time.

It’s so cruel that you finish somethings in your mind, and dont let me know untill I insist what is happening. Then you expect me to not to see you, call you, visit the places you go.

I now feel like I’ll never find one like I had in you. I just dont want anyone else, but you.. How fool am I, right?

I know, they all say one day I’ll get over you. And I’ll be happy. But I will always think that It’d be different if it was with you.

I hope you can solve the problems in you. Find the one you want. But all I wish is that in a lovely afternoon- god how I wish- a smell, a taste, a look may remind you, me and us.

Your ex- michelle,



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