Wanted to text you

Wanted to text you

Wanted to text you

Hey… (lame)

What ya doin? (Desperate)

Who is she? (Psycho)

I hate you (I wish)

Why don’t you love me? (Please don’t answer that)

Fuck you (see above)

Lol (whoops sorry didn’t mean to send that! How are you?)

How was Sydney? (Pathetic)

So it’s been over a week (who’s counting?)

Who are you? (Seriously?)

I miss you (obviously)

So have you thought about what I said? (Clearly you have. How could you not? What could you possibly say that would make it ok?)

Are you gay? (I think I’d prefer that to another girl)

I’m such an idiot! (For believing you. For sending this message. For thinking you loved me. For believing what you said when you were drunk. For thinking I was better than the other J)

Fuck you.

Please tell me how much you care about me. How much you wanted to be with me to the point you couldn’t leave me alone when I was finally moving on with my life. It must feel so good to suck someone into your lies and spit them out the other side… Because why else would you do it? It must be awesome to fuck with someone’s heart. To stomp on it the minute you manage to rip it back out of their chest. Shame on me for calling you out on your bullshit after 2 months of stringing me along. Once again it must have been so hard for you to work through the “issues” keeping us apart. Fuck you and the high horse you rode in on you self righteous cunt.

Haha I never actually use this word but for once it seems right… You. Are. A. Cunt.


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