Silly us

Silly us

Silly us


There’s just so much on my mind and heart that I just want to tell and say to you. It might not make sense but try to understand. First of all, I love you. you were there for me when nobody else was. You made me laugh, you made me cry, but most of all, you kept my secrets. Love makes us do stupid things; we fought, we yelled, you ran, I cried and left. But we came back months later, the only thing I couldn’t stand about you is that you weren’t honest. You lied to me about everything, and I fell for it. I had an ectopic pregnancy with your child and you’re in Florida with some broad. WE did that. We have our names on each other, we went on TV.. Damn. I know I’ve said this so many times saying “I give up, I’m done, Leave me alone..” but deep down, I still never gave up on you, I’m not done, and don’t leave me.

We’ve been thru ALOT in the past 2 years.. hell, even moving 1,000 miles from everyone else. We both had messed up childhoods. In the end, it made us open our eyes and made us stronger. But I know now that I have to heal my heart back together after all the pieces you took and torn apart. I have loved you with all my heart; no lies, blunt facts (which you hated), but I know you appreciated. I still love you but I have to let you go in order for me to be happy and move on from you. I have major trust issues because of you. I don’t want another relationship for a very long time…cause of you. You don’t care and its ok but for me to be out of your way and you out of my life, I have to say how I feel. my life went downhill after we broke up. Stupidly enough, I went back to you. Everyone told me to leave you after what you’ve done, but they didn’t know what we had. now I’m taking their advice and leaving you alone. the psychic told me to leave you alone in the past and move on but I cant do it cause of you and all the shit you put me and my heart thru. This leter is just for you Jimmie. I fu**ing hate you. I love you. I don’t need you. I need to leave you. slowly but surely I will and happiness come.


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