Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Hi. We are over after six years of being together. But I will be fine. People say that every single person comes to our life with a lesson to teach us. You were my teacher of life for six years and thanx to you I’ve learned to not to judge people, to be patient, to be polite,to be caring, to be forgiving, to give the second chance, you told me that life isn’t only black or white. It has hundreds of shades of grey in between. Now it’s time to say goodbye not because I did something wrong or you did something wrong. There’s no one and nothing to blame. We just learned our lessons both of us had to offer to one another. I wish you peace of mind and peace of soul. These things are essential to reach happiness. So most of all I want you to be happy in your life. I wish happiness to myself as well. Just wanted to say thank you one more time and to wave goodbye. With an open heart and bright eyes. No tears. No frowning. No cursing. No anger. Just rising my arm and waving goodbye. Oh and once more: be happy.


  1. Reese 10 years ago

    This is one of the best letter I read so far. Learning to accept everything, wholeheartedly. I wish I was courageous like you.

  2. Just Me 7 years ago

    The funniest part that after I wrote this we got back together and it lasted for two more years LOL 😀 Right now I am completely over him and there even was another person in my life. I am over that another person as well. Love hurts. Never fall in love.

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