My undying love

My undying love

My undying love

My Dear,

I am not really good at words. I am not even a vocal person. Just a day from now was our supposed to be 4th anniversary and  it was breaking my heart. I already planned my future together with you. We haven’t talked for more than a year when you broke-up with 2 years ago. I thought I  already moved on from you but you decided to come back, accepted you again in my life. We engaged to a long distance relationship and risked it all. As you have said, I’ve been cold and reserved for 4 years. I haven’t told you how much you mean to me because of my stupid walls.

When you broke-up with me 2 months ago, I haven’t said anything just because fear engulfed me but I wanted to fight, I wanted! but by the time I came back to fight after 2 months, you already found someone new. Maybe she’s the one who was with you when you needed me the most. We are thousand of miles away, I am now killing myself, emotionally. Dear, sorry for being like this, I am such a mess. You are a part of me that will never perish.  No happy ending there will,but my heart still screams, I love thee. Thank you and Goodbye. I hope you’re happy with her now, I know she is living here in the Philippines too and you, there in Californina. Right in my face, you’re taking your revenge on me. I will always love you. Sorry.


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